ASUS Ai Charger

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Charge the battery of your iPad via USB port


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Most computers offer built-in USB Ports which only supply 500mA at 5V and that means that they don't supply enough power to charge thee battery of your iPad. It's a pity because you plug in your iPad thinking it will be charged and you'll be wasting time.

The moment you read that 'not charging' message is the moment you'll wish to have installed ASUS Ai Charger before.

ASUS Ai Charger is a very simple application, in fact it doesn't feature any interface or panel, you'll only have to install it and it will change some parameters so when you'll plug your iPad, it will detect it and will increase the power supply to 1.2 mA and you'll see your iPad charging.

In addition it decreases the battery charging time for other devices, such as iPod, iPhone or speakers. Best of all is that you won't have to do anything, it will work automatically.

Finally, we should highlight it supports all motherboars. It's developed by ASUS but it supports all motherboards out there, so you won't have any problem when using it.